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Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith

‘The Scientist’. No, it’s not the name of a boring song by Coldplay, it’s the nickname given to Ryan Smith, one of the UK’s top tattoo artists.

We met up with the travelling tattooist (and Killer Ink sponsored artist) Ryan Smith to film him continuing with the awesome leg sleeve that won him ‘3rd Best Ornamental’ at the 2016 London Tattoo Convention.

Ryan was up in Liverpool guest spotting at Ant and Hazel Nicholl’s tattoo studio Design 4 Life, so it was a great time to catch up with him.

Check out the video below to see The Scientist at work!

Although he can be found guest spotting all over the world, Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith is the lead artist at No Regrets Studio Exeter. NR Studios are based in Exeter and Cheltenham, with a third exciting ‘concept’ studio opening up in London this summer.

Ryan’s large ornamental and realism pieces have been catching the eye at tattoo conventions everywhere. He won ‘Best of Show’ at the first ever Tattoo Collective convention in London in February, as well as taking the top prize at the 2017 Milano Tattoo Convention for a collaboration piece with friend and artist Jay Freestyle.

As well as being sponsored by Killer Ink Tattoo, Ryan is also a Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment Artist and can be seen using the awesome Cheyenne HAWK Pen to create his masterpieces. He is also supported by World Famous Ink and uses its products to get that vibrant colour in his tattoos.


Win Two Tickets to the Liverpool Tattoo Convention

Liverpool Tattoo Convention is returning for its 10th year, so we have two tickets up for grabs in our latest competition!

The Adelphi Hotel will again be the setting for this year’s Liverpool Tattoo Convention between 5th and 7th of May, which will see live tattooing from over 250 artists, as well as live music, market stalls and more goings-on.

If you want to win two tickets to the Liverpool Tattoo Convention for entry on the Saturday and Sunday, simply find our competition posts on Facebook or Instagram and answer the following question:

Where is the Liverpool Tattoo Convention being held this year?

a) Adelphi Hotel
b) Anfield Stadium
c) Platform 1, Lime Street Station.

The competition will run until midnight 24th of April 2017 and the winner will be announced on 25th of April 2017.

Good luck!


The Great Killer Ink Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is coming, so we’re inviting you all to an egg hunt!

To get you in the Easter mood, we’re going to be hiding three prize eggs throughout our website, so get ready for the hunt!

If you’re lucky enough to find an Easter egg, simply enter your details and you’ll be automatically entered into a competition to win one of three vouchers to spend with Killer Ink Tattoo.

We have vouchers worth £100 and £200 hidden inside bronze and silver eggs, while the hardest to find gold Easter egg will contain a £300 voucher!

If we’re feeling particularly generous, we might even give out a few clues on our social media channels

Our Easter competition will run from Sunday 9th April until midnight Sunday 17th April (Easter Sunday), with three lucky winners being announced on Tuesday 18th April.

Happy hunting!


Away from the fun and games, we need to let you know about some changes to our opening hours and delivery times during the Easter holidays.

We will be closed on Good Friday (14/4) and the Easter Weekend (15/4 & 16/4), but will reopen on Easter Monday (17/4) for regular office hours.

In terms of our Easter delivery times, any orders placed for standard delivery on Thursday 13th April will arrive on Tuesday 18th April.

Furthermore, orders placed between Friday 14th April and Monday 17th April cannot be despatched until Tuesday 18th April.

That’s all on the information front, so if you’re still unsure, just get in touch with us and we’ll run through it with you!

Sponsored Artist of the Month – Debora Cherrys

When it comes to neo-traditional tattoo artists, there is only one queen, and her name is Debora Cherrys.

Based in Madrid, Spain, Killer Ink sponsored artist Debora Cherrys started on the road to becoming a multi-award-winning tattoo artist in May 2012 and currently works at La Mujer Barbuda tattoo shop in Getafe.

Although Debora says that she wants to be identified with both realism and neo-traditional styles, it’s the latter that has been catching the eye on social media and at conventions.

At the recent Limerick Tattoo Convention, Debora’s incredible neo-trad pieces won her ‘Best of Saturday’, ‘Best of Sunday’ and ‘Best of Show’ – an incredible feat!


While the awards that she has received over the years are a testament to the quality of her tattoos, they don’t fully do Debora justice. She may be one of the best artists in the world, but she’s also one of the nicest tattooists around, always seen at conventions with a big smile on her face and love for her work.

It’s just another reason why we’re proud that she is a Killer Ink sponsored artist!

If you want to check out more of Debora Cherrys’ work, visit her Facebook and Instagram pages.


Model Spends Over $15,000 on Tattoos from Artist Coen Mitchell

A lot of people who get a new tattoo often go and get more – it’s not an out-there concept. Summer McInerney took it a step further by spending over $15,000 on tattooing most of her body with the artist who did her first tattoo.

What makes it cooler for us is that it was actually a Killer Ink sponsored artist!

In July 2015, Australian freelance model Summer McInerney went to go and get a half-sleeve tattoo down her right arm from New Zealand tattooist Coen Mitchell, a Killer Ink sponsored artist.

She thought that she would “look quite hardcore with a half sleeve,” but little did she know that nearly two years later, Summer would have spent around 127 hours (or 15 full days) and over $15,000 on being tattooed by Coen.


Although she had no intention of getting more tattoos after her first one, Summer said that once she had met up with artist Coen Mitchell, she just had to get more.

It wasn’t long before Summer had Coen’s intricate patterns inked onto her stomach and chest, later following these up with tattoos on her right leg.

Since getting her ink, the 23-year-old has amassed thousands of followers on social media who are in awe of Coen’s work.

“It's very overwhelming,” Summer said. “I got these tattoos for me, I wanted to change my body into something unique. It's so fantastic to have so many people appreciating them.”


Does she have plans for more tattoos? Of course she does.

“Next, I will complete my right leg and then I'll get black and grey realism on my left with Coen. I'm happy to do my throat, but I know I'll never get my face done.”

Summer also gave some advice for those looking to get their first tattoos.

“I spent a solid two years looking into the artists I wanted to do my body, and I totally trust Coen. Everything he has done on my body complements it perfectly.

“Pick the artist who will do the best thing for your body and then spend the money - don't feel bad about it.

“I've spent around $15,000 excluding travel to and from New Zealand to see Coen, but these tattoos will be on my body for the rest of my life. You've got to invest.”


An Introduction to the Bristol Tattoo Club

When it comes to tattooing institutions, none are as well-known and have as much history as the Bristol Tattoo Club.

The Bristol Tattoo Club, or BTC for short, was the brainchild of the Champion Tattoo Artist of All Great Britain, the legendary Les Skuse.

Les had the original idea for the BTC back in 1951, but it wasn’t until 1953 that the Club was formally started.


The BTC had one main purpose: to heighten the awareness of the good in tattooing and attempt to get away from the misconception that only ‘bad people’ or those in the armed forces had tattoos.

And so, the Bristol Tattoo Club was born, holding its first ever tattoo convention at the White Horse public house in Bristol, before moving to a larger establishment in the years to come.

After many years of successful conventions in Bristol, Les Skuse took the Bristol Tattoo Club across the pond to America, where it had many famous tattoo artist fans like Sailor Jerry Collins and Tattoo Jack.

Les ran the BTC until his death in 1973, when his son Danny (Les Skuse Jr) took over the Presidency. After a more subdued operation, Danny handed the reins over to the latest President, Jimmie Skuse, who began to transform the Bristol Tattoo Club back to its glory days.


The Bristol Tattoo Club is not just about conventions, however. To this day, the Club manufacturers quality old school coil tattoo machines – many of which can be ordered via the Killer Ink Tattoo website.

We also stock a reference book that is a tribute to the old school flash designs of Les Skuse, as well as a book chronicling the history and art of legendary tattoo artist Joseph Hartley, compiled by BTC President Jimmie Skuse.

If you’re interested in joining the Bristol Tattoo Club, you can find out more information by visiting their website

Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed

A brand new, highly-anticipated exhibition has recently opened at the National Maritime Museum in Cornwall, offering a ground-breaking and comprehensive history of British tattooing.

Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed delves into the rich history of tattooing in Britain and aims to challenge preconceptions and long-standing myths about the practice when it comes to class, gender and age.

The exhibition is the largest of its kind to take place in the UK and features cutting-edge designers, leading academics and major private collectors.

Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed will also showcase the work of major British tattoo artists, including the legendary ‘King of Tattooists’ George Burchett and Killer Ink sponsored artist Lal Hardy.

Among the private collections is a previously unseen archive relating to Britain’s first female tattoo artist, Jessie Knight.


One of the most spectacular installations at the exhibition is the ‘100 Hands Project’, curated by Alice Snape of Things and Ink magazine. The project is based around 100 silicone arms, each tattooed with an original design by 100 of the best artists working in the UK.

Our sponsored artist Chris Jones (who we filmed a Stranger Things video with last year) tattooed a Red Dwarf-inspired piece on A Pound of Flesh arm for the exhibition.

Other displays we recommend you take in at Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed include a recreation of Lal Hardy’s first tattoo room (which was based in his Beaconsfield Road, London flat in 1979), a sculpture of The Great Omi and examples of preserved tattooed human skin.

Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed will be shown at the National Maritime Museum in Cornwall from 17th March 2017 to 7th January 2018.


(Bottom images taken by @lalhardy.)

Damian Gorski – Ushuaia Tattoo London

Ushuaia Tattoo London is the home to some of the UK’s finest artists, including abstract/realism virtuoso Damian Gorski, one of Killer Ink’s sponsored artists and owner of the studio.

We headed back down to London recently and made our way to Fulham to film Damian working on an awesome new tattoo using our supplies.

Check out the video below to see one of his latest pieces!

Damian Gorski has been working as a professional tattoo artist since 2013 and always dreamt of opening his own studio. He turned the dream into reality when he opened Ushuaia Tattoo London in Fulham.

About to celebrate its one year anniversary in April, Ushuaia Tattoo London has been a great success with incredible resident artists working in the studio and many international artists guest spotting.

But let’s not forget about Damian Gorski, aka Gorsky, who has produced some of the best realism, surrealism and abstract tattoos, both in colour and black and grey, over the last few years.

He’s also picked up numerous awards for his tattoos, including ‘2nd Best Realistic’ at the first ever Tattoo Collective convention in London last month.


Karina Cuba - Stigma-Rotary® Pro Artist

We got the chance to interview Stigma-Rotary® Pro Artist Karina Cuba at the 2017 Milano Tattoo Convention and talk to her about her favourite Stigma® machines, as well as the new Soldier and cartridges.

After shooting our feature for the convention, we went to find Karina as the day was winding down and she was working on a stunning rose tattoo.

Karina is a Stigma-Rotary® Pro Artist, so we wanted to get her thoughts on the new Stigma® Soldier and Advanced Cartridge System.

Check out the video below to see what Karina was working on in Milan and what she thinks of the new Stigma-Rotary® products.

New Stigma-Rotary® Cartridges, Machines & Grips

It’s safe to say that Stigma-Rotary® has had a busy few months, releasing a new range of tattoo machines, a new cartridge system and grips. We thought we’d take a look at what new products Stigma® has brought out since the end of 2016.

Stigma-Rotary® started proceedings with the release of its new Advanced Cartridge System, which were designed with safety in mind.

Stigma®’s new needle cartridges feature an external sealing cap to prevent any leak through to the grip and machine. In addition, when connected to a Stigma® grip, this forms a dual seal, meaning that the cartridge seals completely with the grip at the connecting spot.


Thanks to their ergonomic shape and textured design, the new Stigma® cartridges allow the artist to comfortably grip them for the ultimate control. During the tattooing process, the cartridges feel like an extension of the grip, which makes for a more comfortable experience.

The cartridges work with existing Stigma-Rotary® hybrid machines, so you can push them with the Beast V2, Prodigy V2, Jet and Jet Power.

After releasing its new cartridge system, Stigma® unveiled three new rotary tattoo machines: the Neuro, Soldier and Ray, all of which are dedicated cartridge machines.


The highly-adjustable Stigma-Rotary® Neuro is suitable for artists who want to be able to set the give and stroke length to their own specification. The stroke length can easily be changed via a screw inside the machine, allowing artists to adjust stroke from 2.6mm to 4mm with no interchangeable parts.

The Stigma® Neuro can be used with a 4.5W, 5W Brushless, 6W or 10W MotorPlug.

If you’re a tattoo artist that prefers to use Brushless motors, then the Stigma-Rotary® Soldier is ideal. The Soldier comes with a 5W Brushless Maxon motor that starts at 7V and can go up to 14V.

One of the coolest features of the new Stigma® Soldier is the unique magnetic stroke excenter. This can easily be pulled out and reconnected on a different angle without using any tools to achieve your desired stroke length in a matter of seconds. It will literally snap into place due to it being magnetic!

Fans of pen-style tattoo machines will be interested in the new Stigma-Rotary® Ray machine, with its marker pen-esque shape. We recommend you use a 6W MotorPlug with it for best results.


If you want to use the new Stigma-Rotary® cartridges but own a non-Stigma® cartridge machine, you can order a Universal Click Grip to solve the problem. Stigma®’s Universal Click Grip will connect to all conventional machines with a standard backstem connection vice.

There is also a Screw-On Vice Click Grip version available, which enables artists to use the new Stigma® cartridges with non-Stigma® machines that feature a screw-on connection, like the Cheyenne HAWK and Spektra models.

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