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Bullets Tattoo Ink

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Bullets Tattoo Ink is a range of tattoo inks that are made by tattoo artists for tattooists. Experienced and creative tattoo artists, as well as engineers and chemical technical assistants, take part in the production of Bullets Tattoo Ink.

Bullets Tattoo Ink is highly pigmented and characterised by its high luminosity, brilliance and resistance to light, making it the perfect tattoo ink for cover-ups. All inks from Bullets Tattoo Ink can be diluted with water to easily achieve the desired processing viscosity.

Killer Ink Tattoo stocks a huge range of individual 35ml Bullets tattoo inks, as well as some larger 150ml tattoo ink bottles and a complete set of 10 Bullets tattoo inks.

In addition to offering a wide range of Bullets Tattoo Ink, Killer Ink Tattoo also offers Bullets Tattoo Ink Booster, which is the perfect remedy to mix and dilute any shade from the Bullets Tattoo Ink range.

Whether you’re shopping for tattoo inks that are perfect for black and grey work or for colour pieces, Killer Ink Tattoo’s range of Bullets Tattoo Ink would make a great choice for any tattoo artist!

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