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Stigma-Rotary® Machines

Stigma-Rotary® has been revolutionising the tattoo industry ever since its first adjustable rotary machine in 2005. The first-generation Stigma-Rotary® were invented, designed and built by rotary pioneer and tattoo artist Artemis Rosakis, who remains today the head developer and father of every Stigma-Rotary® model ever made.

When it comes to the manufacturing of top quality rotary tattoo machines, Stigma-Rotary® is without a doubt the global leader. Stigma-Rotary®’s tattoo machines are built using revolutionary technology to make things easier for tattoo artists everywhere.

A Stigma-Rotary® tattoo machine offers maximum performance and achieves optimal results in shading, lining, blending, layering and colour packing.

As the global distributor for Stigma-Rotary® tattoo machines, Killer Ink Tattoo offers the full range of Stigma® products, including the new Stylist, Spear  and Hyper V4 machines, along with the new Stigma-Rotary® Advanced Needle Cartridges and Stigma® grips.

We also stock an assortment of Stigma-Rotary® parts in our online store.

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