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Killer Ink Tattoo

Sponsored Artist of the Month – Silvano Fiato

Italian artist Silvano Fiato is a world-renowned tattooist that is revered for jaw-dropping black and grey and colour realism.

As with many tattoo artists today, Silvano began his artistic journey at an early age and could always be found with a paper and pencil in hand.

After buying his first tattoo magazine at 18 and taking inspiration from the realistic work of Robert Hernandez, Silvano made the decision to pursue a career in body art.

Fast forward to the present day and Silvano Fiato is now a household name in tattooing, with his hyper-realism work taking plaudits from artists and non-artists alike over the years, as well as multiple awards from conventions around Europe.

Since 2006, Silvano has been the owner of Eternal Tattoo Studio in his home town of Genoa, Italy, which was among the first shops in the world to use graphic design to show customers a preview of how their tattoo will look on the skin. He has also recently opened up a second shop in Italy’s capital city of Rome.

Perhaps one of Silvano’s finest achievements to-date was being recognised as a ‘Contemporary Artist’ by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, also known as MACRO, and having his work featured in the museum’s catalogue.

To create his incredible realistic black and grey and colour tattoos, Silvano uses various supplies from Killer Ink Tattoo, including World Famous Tattoo Ink, Flux and Xion machines from Spektra Rotary, and KWADRON Cartridges.

Keep up to date with Silvano Fiato’s latest tattoos, seminars, guest spots, conventions, and more by following him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Tattoo Timelapses - Milano Tattoo Convention 2020

The 2020 Milano Tattoo Convention was yet another incredible event, with hundreds of the best tattoo artists around showing off their incredible skills to the masses.

While at the 25th anniversary edition of the event, we took some time out from filming our main video to shoot timelapses of some amazing work produced by various artists.

Click the videos below to watch the creation of tattoos from Taras Prystupa, Polyc SJ, Antonis Megas, Leonardo De Amicis, Luca Cospito, Vincent Zattera, and an eye-catching collaboration between Mambo Tattooer and Pitta KKM!

Taras Prystupa

Ukrainian-born, Polish-based tattoo artist Taras Prystupa brought his killer style to the 2020 Milano Tattoo Convention with a Captain Ahab/Moby Dick themed piece.

Polyc SJ

Everyone loves Studio Ghibli tattoos, so South Korean artist Polyc SJ put his unique spin on Totoro from the popular animated movie My Neighbor Totoro when he tattooed his apprentice at the 2020 Milano Tattoo Convention.

Antonis Megas

Coming soon…

Mambo Tattooer & Pitta KKM

Coming soon…

Leonardo De Amicis

Coming soon…

Luca Cospito

Coming soon…

Vincent Zattera

Coming soon…

Killer Beauty – Permanent Make-up Supplies

Killer Beauty is an all-new brand from Killer Ink that will be your one-stop-shop for everything relating to permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation.

Set to launch soon, Killer Beauty will be your go-to supplier for pigments, machines, microblades, and whatever else you could ever need to create stunning permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation work.

Killer Beauty will offer its own range of precision microblades and cartridges made from the highest grade components, perfect for a wide range of permanent make-up, semi-permanent make-up, scalp micro-pigmentation, and microblading applications.

In addition to microblades and needle cartridges, Killer Beauty will stock various own-brand hygiene and skincare products that are essential for cleaning and prepping the skin before any PMU treatment.

As well as stocking its own products, Killer Beauty’s online store will be home to many top PMU brands, including Microbeau, Perma Blend, Spektra, Evenflo, Ever After Pigments, Li Pigments, Tina Davies, and many more!

Make sure to keep an eye on Killer Beauty’s social media feeds for more information about its impending launch!

Follow Killer Beauty PMU Blog 1Follow Killer Beauty PMU Blog 2Follow Killer Beauty PMU Blog 3

Spektra Flux Wireless Tattoo Machine – First Look

In our latest video review, we give you a first look at the new Spektra Flux wireless tattoo machine.

The Flux is Spektra’s latest rotary machine, following on from the Xion, and is set to bring a wireless revolution to the tattooing industry.

By featuring a detachable battery, known as a PowerBolt, the Flux can be run wirelessly without the need for cables or power supplies.

Made in the USA by the guys behind DarkLab and FK Irons, the Flux is set to be an exciting addition to Spektra’s range of rotaries and we can’t wait for it to be released!

Make sure to watch our video below to hear our first impressions of the Spektra Flux!

Milano Tattoo Convention 2020 Video

The Milano Tattoo Convention celebrated its 25th anniversary last month, so we were on-hand to capture the show in all of its tattoo-covered glory!

With hundreds of the world's best artists tattooing under one roof, the Milano Tattoo Convention is always one of the highlights of the year - and the 25th edition did not disappoint!

Make sure to click below to watch our latest video!

It was another great weekend for Killer Ink sponsored artists, with four of our tattooists taking home awards for their incredible work.

The first day of the convention saw Debora Cherrys take home ‘3rd Best of Friday’ for a killer neo-traditional tattoo, while Kindamo from Alex De Pase’s Or Noir Tattoo Gallery received ‘2nd Best of Friday’ for a dope black and grey leg piece.

Kindamo also picked up the award for ‘Best Large Black & Grey’ for another ridiculously clean tattoo, with Christos Galiropoulos then topping his category by claiming ‘Best Small Black & Grey’ with a healed portrait of The Rolling Stones’ guitarist, Keith Richards.

The finale of the convention then saw Jay Freestyle crowned ‘3rd Best of Show’ for an incredible BDSM-themed leg sleeve that combined colour realism with pixel art.

We also wanted to give a shout out to our good friend Benjamin Laukis who won ‘2nd Best Medium Colour’ for his sick skull and script piece!

Kindamo - Milano Tattoo Convention 2020 VideoDebora Cherrys - Milano Tattoo Convention 2020 VideoJay Freestyle - Milano Tattoo Convention 2020 Video

Sponsored Artist of the Month – Amy Edwards

Amy Edwards is a UK-based tattooist that specialises in realistic portraits of celebrities, movie characters, and much more!

An artist with many strings to her bow, Amy started her career by dabbling in various art forms, including illustration, watercolour painting, gig flyers and posters, before ultimately focusing on tattooing.

Alongside being the kickass drummer of a local doom metal band, Amy honed her tattooing skills at a Kettering-based studio, where she particularly enjoyed new school, black and grey realism, and portraits.

A move to Birmingham meant putting down the sticks and picking up the needle cartridges as she took the next step in her tattooing journey by joining our sponsored studio, Dark Horse Collective.

Sponsored Artist of the Month - Amy Edwards 1Sponsored Artist of the Month - Amy Edwards 2Sponsored Artist of the Month - Amy Edwards 3

Working alongside such artists as Rich Harris and Jamie Lee Knott proved invaluable for Amy, as she took her skills to a whole new level, with a particular focus on creating realistic colour portraits of your favourite TV and film characters, celebrities, and a horror monster or two.

After leaving Dark Horse Collective last year, Amy undertook various guest spots at studios around the UK, including Kamil Tattoos, Fat Fugu Collective, North of Winter, and Seven Foxes Tattoo before settling down for a residency at Rendition Tattoo Studio in Nuneaton.

To create her colour realism pieces, Amy uses various supplies from Killer Ink, including a Spektra Xion tattoo machine from FK Irons, KWADRON Cartridges, and Stencil Stuff.

Make sure to follow Amy Edwards on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all of her latest work and guest spots!

Sponsored Artist of the Month - Amy Edwards 4Sponsored Artist of the Month - Amy Edwards 5Sponsored Artist of the Month - Amy Edwards 6

Follow Killer Beauty - Killer Ink's New PMU Brand

Introducing Killer Beauty, the younger, prettier sister of Killer Ink!

Killer Beauty will be home to everything relating to permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation, whether it's pigments, machines, microblades, you name it, they'll have it all!

There are big things to come for Killer Beauty, so make sure to click the links below and drop the pages a follow!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KillerBeautyPMU
Instagram: www.instagram.com/killerbeautypmu
Twitter: www.twitter.com/KillerBeautyPMU

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ECOTAT - Plant-Based, Eco-Friendly Products

ECOTAT is a provider of plant-based alternatives to conventional single-use plastic products used during tattooing.

ECOTAT products consist of a range of compostable and biodegradable bioplastics that are made with materials that are naturally-derived, plant-based and sustainable.

The range of ECOTAT products we stock includes barrier grip sleeves, machine covers, clip cord sleeves, surface protection sheets, and more!

Cornstarch PLA (Polylactic Acid) is the primary material used in ECOTAT's products. Compared to conventional plastics, the production of PLA uses 65% less energy and generates 68% fewer greenhouse gases.

When ECOTAT products are incinerated, much fewer greenhouse gases are emitted and they don't emit toxic fumes like their oil-based counterparts.

If you want to try out ECOTAT’s plant-based, eco-friendly products for yourself, you can get your hands on a sample pack of sample protection covers. These covers are thinner and lighter than their plastic counterparts, yet just as durable.

Sponsored Artist of the Month – Helena Ferron

French-born tattooist Helena Ferron is a black and grey specialist that can be found working in the UK's capital city of London.

Before crossing the Channel to reach British shores, Helena plied her trade in her home city of Paris, working at the likes of Anomaly and Cezanne Tattoo Art Gallery. While guest spotting at the latter towards the end of 2017, she tattooed alongside a big name in the tattooing world, Cezanne De Pitou.

After uprooting from Paris and settling down in London, Helena began a residency at the Good Times Tattoo studio in Shoreditch in May 2018, where she can be found tattooing to this day.

Sponsored Artist of the Month - Helena Ferron 1Sponsored Artist of the Month - Helena Ferron 2Sponsored Artist of the Month - Helena Ferron 3

Helena’s primary style is black and grey realism, and she has a flair for creating incredibly realistic work with smooth shading and excellent light-dark contrasts.

To create her black and grey work, Helena uses a variety of supplies from Killer Ink Tattoo, including the Cheyenne HAWK Pen tattoo machine, KWADRON cartridges, and World Famous Tattoo Ink.

Make sure to keep up to date with all of the latest work and news from Helena Ferron by following her on Facebook and Instagram!

Sponsored Artist of the Month - Helena Ferron 4Sponsored Artist of the Month - Helena Ferron 5Sponsored Artist of the Month - Helena Ferron 6

Jenna Kerr Interview

Jenna Kerr is one of the UK's top artists and known for her incredible ornamental tattoos.

In our latest interview, we put her under the spotlight to discuss her style, inspirations, and how her popularity has skyrocketed over the years.

Don't miss this video with one of the finest British tattoo artists around!

Jenna Kerr, a Killer Ink Sponsored Artist of the Month, was most recently the owner of Devil in the Detail custom tattoo studio in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, and will be announcing a new studio soon.

A tattooist for 10 years who has won multiple awards at conventions around Europe, Jenna’s love of art nouveau and baroque filigree features heavily in her pieces, along with a combination of expertly crafted gemstones and ornamental accents.

You can keep up to date with Jenna’s latest work by following her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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