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Electric Dormouse

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Electric Dormouse uses only the best materials to build its coil tattoo machines, designing and producing each and every part of the tattoo machines itself. The result is a coil tattoo machine that not only looks good, but is very reliable as well.

Electric Dormouse coil tattoo machines have been designed with balance and ergonomics in mind. The vibrations of the tattoo machines have been reduced and the centre of gravity has been lowered. This makes Electric Dormouse tattoo machines easy to use, while also reducing fatigue during long tattooing sessions.

Killer Ink Tattoo stocks two lines of Electric Dormouse coil tattoo machines: Luxury and Smart.

The first line from Electric Dormouse, Luxury, consists of four tattoo machine models: Tanto Liner, Demon Liner, Torpedo Shader and Patu Colour Packer. Each Electric Dormouse Luxury tattoo machine features 8 wrap coils, weighs 213 grams and is perfect for either lining, shading or colour packing work (as each different name indicates).

If you’re shopping around for a premium coil tattoo machine, make sure to consider a model from Electric Dormouse!