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Permanent Makeup Ink

Pure Colours are permanent make-up colours that are specially formulated using only the highest quality ingredients. Pure Colours cosmetic inks are double-concentrated to reduce pigment dispersion and provide excellent results.

Killer Ink Tattoo’s range of Pure Colours permanent make-up inks are micro-pigmentation cosmetic colours, which are 100% safe to use. The colour consistency of all permanent make-up inks that we stock is guaranteed with every batch.

All cosmetic inks from Pure Colours are water-based for easy application and are fully-certified and compliant with EU regulations.

To help you out, we have described the colour, temperature and base colours of each Pure Colours cosmetic ink in their respective listings, so you know exactly what you’re getting from each permanent make-up ink.

Killer Ink Tattoo’s range of permanent make-up inks are perfect for use on different complexions and can be used on eyebrows and lips and as eyeliner.

You can also mix the Pure Colours cosmetic inks to achieve your desired tones.