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  1. Mixing/Thinning


Killer Ink Tattoo offers a range of products that are designed for mixing and thinning tattoo inks. Our range contains tattoo ink thinners from brands such as Intenze Tattoo Ink, Panthera Tattoo Ink and Silverback Tattoo Ink, as well as tattoo ink mixing equipment like own Tattoo Ink Mixer.

Along with products designed for tattoo ink mixing and thinning, Killer Ink Tattoo also offers bottles of distilled witch hazel to help with soothing skin and reducing redness and bleeding, as well as tubs of sterile plastic stirrers that can be attached to our tattoo ink mixer for blending your colours.

Whatever you need for mixing and thinning your tattoo inks, we have it here at Killer Ink Tattoo!

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