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  1. Starbrite Tattoo Ink


Starbrite Tattoo Ink is a world renowned tattoo ink that has been helping artists deliver brilliant results for over 30 years. Starbrite Tattoo Ink is fully compliant with all EU legislation and provides artists with the best possible and safest pigments on the market today.

All Starbrite Tattoo Inks that we stock at Killer Ink Tattoo come in 30ml (1oz) bottles, with various colours available. Along with various tattoo ink colours and shades for those stunning tattoos, Killer Ink Tattoo also stocks Starbrite Europe Colors Brite White tattoo ink, as well as Tribal Black and Outlining Black.

If you’re shopping around for a full set of tattoo inks, we also stock a complete set of 23 Starbrite Europe Colors 30ml (1oz) tattoo inks.

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